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Establish lasting patterns of good health with an extraordinary system of energy medicine that releases pain and stress, and restores the natural, dynamic balance of your body

Stress in any area of your life affects your body’s ability to heal itself. And as you get older, the effects of the stress build up. This can lead to physical pain and symptoms that don’t want to go away such as hormone imbalances or fatigue. Or you may have strong – even inappropriate – emotional and mental reactions to everyday situations.

As a result, you can end up feeling separated from yourself and others.

Yet what you long for is to get out of pain. You want to feel less angry at your husband, more connected to your children, have a better relationship with friends or with your colleagues at work, or feel a deeper connection to yourself. Above all you yearn for the peace and contentment that has escaped you.

BodyTalk can help. It taps into the innate wisdom of your body to support you as a whole person. First it determines your body’s healing priorities. Then it reestablishes the energetic connections that allow your body to let go of stress, reduce pain and release old stuck emotions that are affecting your reactions.

Principles of eastern and western medicine, including chiropractic and acupuncture, meld into a unique non-invasive system of all-round health care.

Hidden beliefs and attitudes can affect your health. BodyTalk addresses these too. It stimulates healing by balancing the biochemical, physiological and emotional levels. Physical symptoms can disappear. At the same time you experience deep insights that help you make life style changes and restore your hope in the future.

And all with no needles, no pills and no bone-cracking.

What clients are saying:  

“I walked out feeling something was gone. I feel lighter, more present, as if I’ve let go of a burden I didn’t know I was carrying. I’m happier. And I’m encouraged and inspired and excited to learn more, and be involved fully in my life and work and with other people.”
“It took my pain away.”
“I didn’t realize I was still angry at this person.”

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