Kind Words from Clients

“Having cancer, I wanted to heal on all levels.  So I wanted to build a team of people to help me, not only in the medical field, but also alternative healing modalities that addressed the emotional and mental aspects of cancer.  BodyTalk sessions with Kathy have helped me to release emotions that were stuck in my body.  After several sessions I not only felt better but my cancer marker numbers came down 11 points!  I would recommend BodyTalk and Kathy to anyone that wants to expand their network of support.  Thank you Kathy for helping me with my healing journey!”  Danette Hannan

“I have studied and practiced BodyTalk, so I am very aware how skilled and mature a practitioner Kathy is. Plus she cares enough about her work and her clients to keep up with the latest developments in BodyTalk and related fields. She has consistently helped me stay healthy for about five years now, and I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in this amazing modality.”  Janice Brugioni

“My experience of BodyTalk with Kathy is that I’m always very relaxed at the end of the session and I hate that it’s ending.  I feel a lighter energy in myself the following day and often during the next week.  I’m continuing my sessions because I feel there is some benefit even though I don’t understand it logically.”  Carolyn Warren

“Kathy’s kindness and gentleness is completely matched by her depth of knowledge and caring concern. She is my go to practitioner whenever I feel stressed all the way to whenever I get an out of whack number from a blood panel. She has mastered Body Talk and Body Intuitive and works hard to make sure each individual session has a successful outcome. I feel better, I’m a healthier person and I’m proactively aging better because I trust Kathy Halvorson’s session work. I highly recommend her for all health issues.”  Magdelena Messenger

“Kathy is adept at finding just what my system needs to heal.  She is detailed and communicates clearly what my body is saying so it makes sense to me and I feel better!!”  Carol Stanton

“My sessions with Kathy have been informational and helpful in dealing with my body that is out of balance in one way or another. Her insight into knowing what is going on in my life and helping me is remarkable.”  John Dahlman

“I can say that I feel free-er, and I think a lot of it was from the Body Talk sessions.  I learned a lot about my past, and what I was holding on to.   I feel more relaxed, and have a sense that I’m not working at cross purposes to my nature.  I look forward to more sessions.  Kathy does a great job!”  Bob Halvorson

“My experience with BodyTalk has been enlightening and wonderful. Kathy explains what she’s doing as she works on me. I appreciate this approach very much as I believe I have everything to do with my own healing. I have tried many different modalities for the migraines I’ve had for 20 years, but BodyTalk has truly helped.  In a fairly short amount of time the migraines have diminished in intensity, duration and number. I feel I can completely be rid of migraines through this system. I’m so impressed with BodyTalk itself and with Kathy – her knowledge, humility and passion for the work.”  Terry Yingling